About me

Writer. Editor. Pop Culture Enthusiast. Unrepentant 90s kid. Under achieving over achiever. I make things.

I’m Dorvonda Payne and I know so many things about myself until I need to write them down.

27. Female. Cis gender. Pronouns: she,her.

I am a lover of words and a watcher of people. I used to be really sarcastic and cynical; then I grew up. I’m still growing so don’t hold me to it. My interests include music, movies, sneakers and every dog I’ve ever met. I ask more questions than I have answers. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil- a skill that I taught myself and years later discovered that I had been doing incorrectly.


 This is NOT how I do it. Sorry wikiHow

I am currently a student at Full Sail University, working to achieve my Master’s in New Media Journalism. My work is a work in progress.

Look around, let me know what you think! Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you (please do).