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 How to Make Friends and Not Annoy People at a Concert

The crowd at the Beyonce Formation tour stop in Chicago, Il shining their cell phone lights during a Prince tribute as Purple Rain played. 05/28/2016

Live shows can be beautiful, magical experiences that you talk about for years to come, but they can also go bad really quickly. Of course there are the freak accidents and disasters on which I am not qualified to speak past a “Wow. That’s sad.”; but I will be talking about the more common frustrations …

Meagan Wilcox of TLC’s Fat Chance

After weeks of hiatus, TLC’s new show Fat Chance returns to our (yours, everyone’s?) television screens tonight. Each episode of the show follows one of eight individuals on their journey to lose weight and gain confidence so that they might finally confess their feelings to a long held crush. This week we will be following Meagan …

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Dorvonda. I’m not great at introductions. This headline and first sentence thing I was trying to do would’ve worked much better if my name was shorter but I’m committed to all eight letters so this is what I get.